About Us

We’re a small, family run business with the goal of bringing you great organic cosmetics at reasonable prices.

We’re not beauticians, skin care professionals or pharmaceutical sales people, but we are passionate about bringing you skin care products that are free from PEG & paraben, petroleum, paraffin and silicone derivatives to name a few and, where possible, use organic ingredients.

Our story

Having found it difficult to buy the types of products we want in our local shops we started turning to the web. When we contacted one of the suppliers we realised the significant mark-up in price that many online retailers apply to their organic cosmetics range.

This prompted us to set up gogreenskin.co.uk, where we could offer good products at a good price. We don’t have shareholders to satisfy, expensive offices to run or a large number of employees (in fact there’s just 2 of us), so we’re able to buy the stock in the quantities that allows us to offer them to you at the prices that we do.

Our products

Eco-Cosmetics, Orientana and Sylveco are our suppliers at the moment. Eco-Cosmetics is a German manufacturer of certified organic cosmetics (ECOcert), while Orientana and Sylveco are Polish producers of natural cosmetics. All of them don't use petroleum, paraffin and silicone derivatives, PEG, paraben, phthalates or artificial aromas or colouring in their products. They also don't test their products on animals.

As we source our products from European manufacturers we can take advantage of the strength of pound against the Euro or Pln . We’ll send the products to you from the UK, reducing the postage costs, meaning that we’ve absorbed the import duty into our costs.

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